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Restaurant Adventures - ParisGo Bistro

So last week I had a fairly opulent week in terms of dining out and I wanted to share my amazing French experience from ParisGo Bistro. Located in Rathdowne Street, Fitzroy, this quaint French restaurant which has an amazing atmosphere is definitely a place I would recommend to everyone!

Okay, so firstly, when you walk in, it has this really lovely and warm atmosphere (something I really look for when picking a dinner spot). The staff were very polite and friendly as well. They showed us to our table and gave us the menus. I took the time to look around and enjoy the intimate nature of the restaurant that was completely booked out for the evening. The lighting and the music were a perfect match as well. Despite taking our time to figure our which of the delicious entrees and mains we wanted, our waitress was always very attentive. As we ordered our wine, she also took us through the specials for the evening.

For my entree, I ordered the Escargots à la forestiére which consisted of forest mushroom cups topped with snails and a herbed garlic butter. It was rich in flavour and smooth on the palette. For someone who has only tried escargots twice and perhaps uneducated on the delicacy, I thought it was superb!

I chose the Cotlette de Porc for my main which was a pork cutlet with pink peppercorn jus on the side. It was equally as delicious and the pork cutlet was full of flavour and tender. We also had pomme frits as our side dish.

My favourite part to the evening was the dessert... because.. I got to spoil myself and enjoy a magnifique creme brulee (one of my absolute favourites). It was so smooth and creamy, which is something I find rare when having creme brulee in Australia, with many often being grainy in texture. So credit to the chef for perfecting this dessert!

My biggest regret of the evening was not taking my proper camera in order to capture, or at least attempt to capture the deliciousness of the food that we had the privilege of enjoying.

Overall, I highly recommend ParisGo Bistro to anyone who feels like indulging themselves with dishes that are full of flavour. The service is fantastic and all the staff are very friendly and attentive. However, I would recommend you book a table, as they are generally quite busy each evening. Price wise, it is on the upper end, however I felt it was worth it. Oh, and I will definitely be heading back there in the future, especially for the creme brulee!

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