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A relaxing mid-week getaway

Bath House View

Usually on a Thursday, it’s a day to work from home, consisting of writing, researching and creating lesson plans, but not this time. It just so happened that I shuffled a few things around so I could treat myself with a mid-week getaway to the Mornington Peninsula. So, what was the destination of this little getaway? The Peninsula Hot Springs!

The Peninsula Hot Springs is my favourite location for a day of relaxation. On this particular visit, I decided to truly indulge myself and do a private bathing package with access to the Spa Dreaming Centre which is separate to the main Bath House - and I was definitely not disappointed!

Upon arrival, I was greeted by lovely staff who provided me with everything I needed to know about my day. Each guest is also given a towel and bathrobe, which can be refreshed as needed throughout each visit. Prior to my private bathing, I was escorted into the Relaxation Room, where I could enjoy a herbal tea and fully relax. At 9am, I had my 45minutes of private bathing, which meant that I had an oversized bath just for myself, that was mineral-rich and I had a choice of essential oils to rejuvenate the mind and body. I lay back and enjoyed the sound of nature and the peaceful soundtrack that played lightly in the background. During that 45minutes, I really focused on my breathing, and noticing the peaceful sounds of my immediate surrounds - a form of mindfulness that is fantastic for creating and internal sense of calmness.

Relaxation Room

For the rest of the day, I got to enjoy the various pools the Spa Dreaming Centre had to offer. All the pools are mineral-rich and each differed in temperature. Some were between 36-38degrees, others were 38-41degrees. Guests also have the option to take a dip in the Cold Plunge Pool, which has numerous health benefits. Throughout the day I went between the Cold Plunge Pool and the pools in the 36-38degrees range. I must admit, my favourite pool was the She Oke Barrel Pool which was located up the top of the property, and it had a lovely view of the entire Spa Dreaming Centre.

The best part of the hot springs is that you’re surrounded by nature, and very little noise, which is the best environment to fully relax and rest. Both inside and outside the attention to detail is very noticeable. Where possible there are scented candles hanging from the ceiling or they’re nicely placed on tabletops surrounded with Australian native plants.

I also indulged myself in some delicious food from the Spa Dreaming Centre cafe. For lunch, I chose the Chicken and Mushroom Pot Pie which came with roasted potatoes and a tasty salad - and it was superb! One thing I did notice about their menu, was their ability to cater for numerous dietary needs. Many of the options were vegetarian, with some being vegan and gluten free. The cafe has a vast range of healthy and freshly made juices and smoothies. I had their amazing Hydrator Juice which consisted of apple, cucumber, lemon and mint.

Ske Oke Barrel Pool

I highly recommend visiting the Peninsula Hot Springs if you need a day of relaxation. After a few busy months of teaching, researching and studying, I needed to press the restart button, so I could head into the next few busy weeks and months feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed.

Although I indulged myself with private bathing and entry into the Spa Dreaming Centre, the main Bath House has a huge variety of pools, cafes and saunas. So regardless of your budget, there is a package suited just for you.

The top two photos were taken by myself throughout my visit, however the bottom photo was located from @peninsulahotsprings.

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