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Study Essentials

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Everyone studies differently and everyone learns differently. This is a small post discussing my daily essentials that allow me to work and research effectively and productively.

Firstly, highlighters - I always have a fresh pack of highlighters ready to go each semester, even now, with research work and teaching, my highlighters are always nearby, ready to go for when I need them.

​My diary or monthly planner is also always close-by so I make sure I stay on track with deadlines and tasks.

My third study essential is music - always without lyrics.

Post-it notes are also one of my most important study essentials, I use them to tab pages of books that are important but they are also great for quick notes.


I utilise folders quite often too so I can keep all the different projects I am working on separate.

There is always a notebook close by as well, and a nice pen, so I can take notes as I work.

Finally, I have my goal list next to me which is focused on what I would ideally like to achieve that day.

As stated above, everyone studies differently - and for me, it is absolutely crucial that I handwrite everything at least once. Handwriting for me is how the information sinks into my brain to process, and it is my essential learning method. Another benefit of handwriting, something which I have noticed, is that over the years my memory has significantly improved, which is one of the best skills to have for academia and research.

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