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what are modern academics all about?

In the modern world, being an academic is a completely different lifestyle choice that one may imagine it to be. This online space has been designed for two reasons. Firstly, to alter the way people perceive lecturers, researchers and academics, aka, nerds, and secondly, to alter the way a modern student might tackle their studies. 


Being a modern academic is so much more than just hitting the books. We don't just sit at a desk and cram information into our brain, we don't just stand in front of hundreds of students and speak information. Our way of learning and our methods of teaching have changed, and so the ways in which we study must also adapt to the modern classroom and learning environment. 

all you need to know about what you will find on this website.

The website contains a lot more than just tips and techniques, and that's because the learning experience goes beyond the classroom. The modern academic takes a holistic approach and it's all about balance and healthy habits. Some of the pages are dedicated to study, and some of the blog posts also. However, there is also a need to get out and about each day, so there will also be blog posts devoted to cafes and good food.

The blog has been designed to combine the perspectives of those who have 'been there, done that', it is perfect for those needing study techniques, exam preparation guidance and perhaps something a little extra to boost their brain power. 


who is she?

For over six years, the author of this innovative and holistic online space has been teaching law to undergraduate and postgraduate students. She adores sharing her passion for learning with everyone she encounters, whether that be in the classroom or at her favourite cafe. Having been taught by the 'old school' style lecturer, whilst universities were on the cusp of technology beginning to guide learning, she has recognised the shift in the 'student', and hopes to guide them as best she can through her teaching and this online space. 

Over the years, the author has fallen in love with research, often finding herself totally immersed in a hopelessly nerdy journal with a glass of wine (or coffee) in hand. She hopes this online space provides an insight into the life of a modern academic.

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